INK: Fantasy Clothing!


Hulla guys, it’s me! Maria G., the author of Angoria.

This time I need you and your support for something any author would love. Yes, that’s right, we need our Fantasy closet updated, asap! I’m aware that INK clothing updates are not that popular in the moment, because of the new Limelight style, but I REFUSE TO GIVE UP. :raising_hand_woman:

So… go! I would love to see your ideas! Let you imagination go as wild as possible, and Episode will notice! (fingers crossed)

:rotating_light: WARNING
–Since this art suggestion topic is for Fantasy clothing only, please make sure your suggestion matches the theme.
–Also, be specific! Leave a picture under your idea to let me know how you envisioned it.

Love, Maria


I would really like some kind of “fantasy” make up options for INK. For example, marks or colorful tattoos.


We need armor… for men and women so they can look cool without the author having to spend hours finding the right combo that vaguely resembles armor




Tattoos all the way!


I would love to see some girl warrior outfits and armor! For example:



Also some props like a sword, or a bow with an arrow🙌


They really ought to add Greek style clothing like togas and laurel leaf head bands.

They have similar stuff on Limelight but they shouldn’t forget about us too!!!




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