INK free art, taking requests

would love to request again :see_no_evil:

Details and Ref

The pose is like that, and the outfit and the hair
for the top color (can you make it sage green? hehe)
for the bottoms leave it black hehehe
for the necklace it’s ring metal necklace

for the bracelet

for the hoops make leave it gold hehehe
Also, can you add a small cross x scar on the forehead (like the one on my CC hehe)

Thank you so much in advance!!!
Btw, no rush! hehehe

yess ofc, I’ll start it whenever i can:)
also just making sure, this is the outfit right?

plus the necklace and gold bracelet?
and the hair would be like billie eilish, so from neon green so black?

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yes hehe

idk what billie eillish hair hehe and yes you can make it black

perfectt, I’ll let u know when im donee

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thank you so so much and no pressure at all :hugs: :green_heart:

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