Ink gem-earning recommendations

i’m a sucker for any ink-related stories regardless of their genres. however, i can’t afford to spend all my time on the app, so the best of both worlds is choosing episode stories which i can manage to study on my laptop while tapping the screen, and while doing so i can earn gems for future usage!
here are my recommendations (i’m running out of them so please give me more if you know some, much appreciated!)

  • Living With My Crush
  • Venomous
  • Bad Boy Bachelor
  • Chain Reaction: King Theo
  • Chain Rection: Lost
  • Fake Love. True Love
  • Haute as Hell
  • Kill My Love
  • Marriage By Law
  • My Brother’s Best Friend
  • Troublemaker
  • Troublemaker: Double Trouble
  • Tangled Love
  • The Royal Baby

I Married A Prince

Back and Forth

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