Ink is DONE when the new limelight updates come out lol


Ink about to become obsolete like classic when the new updates are out lol

What about Ink?

Hello! Yes that is true, but why did you believe that you needed to make a thread to say that? Are you wanting to discuss about it? (Sorry I am just a little confused)


im trying to discuss the demise of ink


I don’t think ink will ever be done i will still only read and write in ink

Cant stands the LL (males look gay all of them, hairstyles suck, animations make me cringe, the look is horrible)


lmaooooooo but the new updates improve ll


Im not sure about that :thinking:


and have you seen the trending section though



Ink won


tru lol but have you seen the trending section


Yes and not all are LL :roll_eyes:


but have you seen how ll is taking over? Ink is fighting to stay on top, ll has an edge


I don’t think LL is taking over at all


Ink brutally shoved Classic out of the way and now it’s getting its karma with LL
lol kinda like the Nicki, Lil Kim, Cardi mess


well classic deserved to get shoved because it looks scary and has no customization


Honestly, same.




but have you noticed through out the months it went from ink dominating to 50/50 ll and ink in the trending section?


Here’s what we’re not finna do, is use “gay” as insult. You can critique things without insulting as well :slight_smile:


Does it really matter, though?