Ink is not dead (new story)


Heey! :slight_smile:
I just saw a LOT of people saying ink is dead.Well I don’t think it is so I wrote a story.
This is my first story and I would like you to review It. <3

Btw. You can just read first episode,don’t use your tickets if you don’t want too.
This story is written on my phone,IDK is there any glitches,if there is,feel free to tell me about It.I wanted to see how is it to be a writer and It’s HARD.
Thank you for reading this.Follow me on episode.I will follow you back and read your stories if you have them.


I’ll definitely read it!


No, Inks not dead I just wrote a story in it too & a lot of other authors still use it. I’ll def. go check your story out.:grinning:


I don’t think Ink is dead, I love Ink. :kissing_smiling_eyes:
I’ll read your story!