I see many types of story in INK/LIMELIGHT/CLASSIC and I always choose a INK story, but which one would you pick?:thinking:Just curious :joy::joy:


Ink, because i think it isn’t too new, but not too… old and classic.


Well, usually, I’d pick INK, just because there’s more animations in there, but Limelight, you gotta admit, is a whole lot prettier. The artist within me is happy with the new style haha.



I don’t really like limelight because when I want to customize her I don’t see any change, and they are not even soo beautiful :joy::joy:that’s what I think… :full_moon_with_face:


Usually the Classic option was the first to be made, and the other options are more refined.
However, if that is not explicitly the case I choose Classic.


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Definitely Ink but I’m also okay with Limelight. I don’t like Classic (no offence to Classic lovers). :slight_smile:


No offense too, but I hate classic too​:sweat_smile::joy:




They all have different ups and downs.

Personally, I think INK is definitely lacking in amazing animations compared to the other 2 styles, a lot of them are just different variations of the same thing. Classic still has some animations that I wish were carried onto the other ones.

For look, though, I definitely prefer Ink. The characters aren’t as smooth as Limelight and the wrinkles you can add to make old people is enough for me to declare it as winner right off the bat. I know this is a super unpopular opinion but I still think Classic has the best looking male characters (in the way you can make them look like Mark and Matthew from Dripping Mascara, not the ugly newer ones they released towards the end) followed closely by Ink and then Limelight definitely takes the cake for ugliest guys. There are only a few appealing hairstyles for men in Limelight and I always thought the necks on men were weird (?). For females Ink wins by an incomparable margin. I love Classic females too but it always bothered me how skinny their stomachs were, especially in comparison to their breasts. Limelight would follow Ink in this category. And unlike most of the people who are here saying they hate Classic, I was actually here in the era where it was the only choice. So I’m not just judging it based on like 2 stories and the portal preview. And like how a few people have said, I don’t like how you can customize Limelight and the characters still look eerily similar. Edit: I also just thought of how much better Ink characters look in the public backgrounds as well, they kind of fit the art. Limelight seems a little bit too cartoonized and smooth for them to fit into it.

Just in general I think Ink is still the best. Ask me a year from now and I might get used to Limelight but now I just prefer it to be Ink >>> Classic > Limelight.


INK !! It;s classic and somehow it makes episode unique in its own way :heart_eyes:


INK. I don’t like the Classic look at all and I have never been able to customize a normal looking guy in Limelight.
Animations in Limelight are also wierd comparing how the INK characters talk, laugh, get angry or walk. Yeah, Limelight characters just can’t walk.


I prefer Limelight. In my opinion, it is the best-looking style, and has the best animations. It also looks realistic. I’m not really used to Classic that much, since I wasn’t on Episode since Classic was mainstream. Ink is OK, but for me, it can get pretty bland.


INK! Always :heart_eyes:


:cry: Hate is a strong word…


I love Ink very much!! Limelight does look very pretty!! :heart_eyes:


I would pick Ink, as I like the character movements better, but that’s just my opinion, even though Limelight have better clothes.


Feel free to keep discussing this here. Cheers! :v:t2: