Ink, Limelight, or Classic?


Hey! So I was wondering…

What are your opinions of each of the styles?

Why do you like/dislike them? Do you want a new style? I want to see what everyone’s thoughts are! :joy: I personally like Ink the best.


I prefer Limelight. In my opinion, it is the best-looking style, and has the best animations. It also looks realistic. I’m not really used to Classic that much, since I wasn’t on Episode since Classic was mainstream. Ink is OK, but for me, it can get pretty bland.


I like limelight due to to it being realistic and I don’t really have to envision the character as much because it already looks real. I don’t want a new style right now because I think all 3 are enough. I think the only reason I like ink is because most of the stories created in ink are already completed meanwhile when I read limelight stories they’re never completed and/or still being updated. I do think the animations on ink were more diverse compared to ink and ink offers more, however, hopefully, the episode creators will implement newer stuff for limelight style.


Hi! You can find a thread discussing this here, feel free to continue this conversation there :v:t2: