Ink/limelight stories with choices that matter

Can y’all suggest some stories (preferably romance/mystery) with ink/limelight style that includes choices that actually matter? Idk if that makes sense. But I wish to read more stories like The Blank Page by Janna Valentina or also Envy & Dirty Little Secrets by Cindy Gaultier. Thanks!

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For more of your mystery type of stories where choices matter, but romance isn’t the main focus:
Hit and Run by Elise C
Equality by Amanda Michelle
Scandalous by Mina

For ones with choices that matter but also a bit more romance but also are still mystery-ish:
The Jungle by Amanda Michelle
Welcome to the Amazon Forest by XxAlphaBetaxX


THANK YOU. I’m a fan of your story ‘one of the girls’ btw!

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You’re welcome and… :flushed: OMG! Thank you

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Hey, Brynnie!

I recently entered a Thriller Contest. It have 5 endings, 3 love interests and character points. Check it out.

Thriller: Darkness speaks

You are the only heiress to your grandmother’s fortunes. But in order to receive it you need to care for her till she dies. What dark secrets will you discover in her mansion?

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Hey @brynnie I don’t know if you like fantasy, but my story as a point system, and a little bit of romance.
Here’s the details to my story in case you want to check it out.

Author: S_Unique

Title: The Four Horsemen

Genre: Fantasy

Style: Ink

Description: 4 Sins. 4 Angels fell. 4 Horsemen rose. A curse was casted. And the battle of good vs evil is about to begin. CC/ Choices matter


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Hei there…want to do R4R with me?

Genre: Romantic Comedy
Style: Ink
Description: Maxwell is 3rd year, everyone knows him already. He likes hurt girls that the girl who tries enticing on him. Jade hates the guy who hurt girls the most and trying revenge on him.
Episodes: 5 (Ongoing)
Instagram: @r.es_story



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Hey @brynnie,

My story consists of:

  • Customization
  • Character points
  • Secret passages (based on your choices)
  • Multiple endings

If really like stories with different story lines based on your choices, then you won’t be disappointed! :tipping_hand_woman:t4:

Title: Thriller: Red Snowflakes
Author: Karen
Genre: Thriller
Style: Limelight
Directing level: Expert (use of layers, character points, choices etc)
Story summary: Short story about a “Snow Killer” killing kids during Halloween. It’s up to you to find out who this “Snow Killer” might be. Be prepared to unlock secret passages to find out more about the characters. Each decision leads to a different ending! Do you have what it takes to save those children?




Thanks so much for sharing some of my stories :kissing_heart:

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You’re welcome :grin:

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