Ink not being updated anymore?

Hey guys,
Could someone kindly link me to a thread where episode or a forum leader or something talks about the whole ink situation?
Thank you. :heart:

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They won’t be updating ink anymore because she are focusing on LL.

I don’t think that they will update any time soon but don’t lose your hopes up because they don’t say anything at the page as in classic do… (I mean till now…)

I also don’t know if there is a link that someone is talking about ink, sorry :disappointed:

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Hmm… I think they’re focusing on LimeLight simply because there are a LOT of feature requests and complains about limelight- body features, old people faces, black culture hairstyles, and so on. But they haven’t announced that it’s not receiving any updates ever.

Hey, I am aware of this… I was looking for a link where this is all explained so that I can show it to a friend.

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I don’t think there is one.

Really appreciate the reply, thank you.

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