Ink opening door animation? kinda?


does anyone know the ink girl animation for like ‘opening doors’? i’ve seen it used in stories but i don’t know whether or not it’s a hidden animation or i just can’t find it. it’s kinda like the girl puts her hand out and her eyes focus on her hands or something? does anyone know it lol.




i don’t think that’s the one i’m looking for *


I usually use tinker_loop_rear


the one i’m looking for is where the character like reaches out and she smiles???


Hmmm ?


Have you checked the animations


yep, i couldn’t find the one i was looking for.


Give ringbox?


yeah i know the one you are talking about, i’m trying to find it for you


i don’t think it’s that one either. (thanks for helping lol)


I know! Is t the one where her eyes get wider?
I think it’s like gift receive or something!




? :confused:


i’m checking lmao, my previewer is messing up


Can it be give_gift


the animation isn’t in the catalog


it’s this one, thanks to everyone who helped !!


Yay!!! :smirk: