Ink or Limelight for my story?


A story I am want to write, I can’t decide to either have it in Ink or Limelight.
The story is about runaway from your past with a new identity. (I won’t go into too much detail). So, which would be better?


I would say INK, its my favorite, and imo it has best clothes animations and overall look.


I’d suggest thinking about what clothing you’ll need. Because LL doesn’t have that much yet, especially if you need something really specific. But if you have time to wait for LL to be updated then you might be better with that


I would prefer Ink! :grin::ok_hand:




Limelight! It’s much prettier and the animations are smoother! :slight_smile:


INK! I think it has more expressive emotions and it looks way more beautiful! Limelight looks robotic and creepy to me…


Take a little bit of time to review what each style offers.

  • Clothing
  • Animation
  • Character Appearance
  • Props

Choose the one which best suits the needs of your story. It’s best that you rely on what you think would help you produce the best story telling experience based on that list.


Ink is better but do what you want



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