INK or LIMELIGHT for my story

I am writing a new story and I can’t decide which style to choose.
I really like how INK’s animations flow smoothly and how the characters and clothing looks.
However, Limelight has new animations and the female characters look really good and have more variety. But the males look really ugly tbh like the nose is way too big and they look fake, idk how to explain it. Also, there isn’t like a stubble face shape option like in INK so its impossible to make the males look middle aged. Also, there’s like no hairstyle options for male, it’s very limited.
I’m so confused, can you guys vote so I can figure out what style I should do and get started with my story,
Thanks :slight_smile:

  • Limelight
  • INK

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They both have their own good points. I think Episode is developing facial hair for limelight currently, but Ink is more well developed. However, there are more features to limelight which if you’re making a fantasy story, would be good. There is also a “old” face in limelight. However, the hairstyles are more underdeveloped, but they are still at work, and limelight is quite new. Actually, you get quite used to the stature of Limelight once you use it, I actually prefer it more than ink. Which is why I chose both.
However, Limelight is the best for fantasy or complicated moves or mythical stories. (Angels, gods)

Really, my story is kind of a fantasy story because the main character has a fairy godmother. How is limelight better for fantasies? And do you think its going to take long for them to make more options. Also, I saw the old face but I think it looks way too old because I was trying to make a middle aged man, and that face was more for like a 70 year old lol.
Thanks for helping

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Because of the clothing and animations. It’s much more suitable. Ink does not have does. Maybe they will, but Limelight also looks better for fantasy- just the structure- it’s hard to explain.