Ink or Limelight for new story

Okay so I know how some people don’t like Limelight and some people don’t like Ink and I need help choosing which one I should do. Should I create a new story using Limelight or using Ink?

  • Limelight (still gets updates on clothes, hair, animations, ext…)

  • Ink (no more updates)

  • limelight
  • ink

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well what kind of story are you makeing. which has the best clothes and animation for your story. now limelight has most ink has but still look what is best suited

:joy::joy: I’m making a story about teens that have powers and live in this closed off town and they go to this school where people with powers are called Mutants and normals people are called the normals

I see these polls everywhere, no offense,

Sorry :skull::skull:I just want to know if I should write my story in Ink or Limelight :woman_shrugging:t4:

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