Ink or Limelight? Vote!


Hey, guys!

I would like to write my very first story on Episode. But the thing is I can’t decide wether I want to write an Ink or a Limelight story. That’s why I want to ask you what you prefer.

Ink or Limelight?

Vote in the comments below!

Thanks in advance! :blush:


I prefer INK over LL


INK!! plss


I love Limelight!


I prefer INK to LL.


I prefer Ink, but I feel like over time and with more development I will grow to like LL more. :grin:


Hey :smiley: Do it in LL! I did my story in LL and in INK, my LL version has 76K views and the INK version - 160 views! Wish you luck with your story! :wink:


I prefer Ink over LL




I prefer LL. I still love ink and they have way more animations and clothes in Ink but they’re going to stop updating Ink whereas they’re going to continue to update LL so I figure, it’s better to go with the newer style in the long run. :slight_smile: good luck with your story!


I love ink however limelight is growing on me and I’m liking that style very much :grin::heart: