Ink or Limelight? Which is better?

Hey guys!

So, I’m sure all of you have seen some type of this discussion before. I have seen quite a few threads for this already, but none are that updated, so I feel like opinions could have changed since then. Limelight has been out for quite a while now, so I just wanted to hear everyone’s opinions! Which style do you like reading more? Which style do you like writing with more? Which style do you think is better? etc. :relaxed:

My opinions:
I was here before ink was introduced, and when ink first came out, everyone freaked out and didn’t like it, and the same happened when Limelight came out too. Of course, each style grows on people, and now both Ink and Limelight are quite popular. I personally enjoy reading and writing in ink, especially when I code using advanced directing, ink is so much easier for me than limelight (probably because limelight has shading that can be hard to manipulate). Most of the stories I write and read are in the style of ink, but I definitely don’t mind Limelight. I also feel like the readers on the app enjoy Limelight much more. As an author who primarily writes in ink, I don’t know if I should switch over to Limelight, since more people read it. As for now, I still really love ink, but Limelight is definitely growing on me.

I can’t wait to hear your opinions below!


I used to be ride or die for ink. But once limelight started updating with better outfits and features and better animations, i switched to the other side. Ink still holds a place in my heart for certain stories but every time i see that style i just feel like it’s outdated. I feel like limelight is the better upgraded version of ink, because it’s better quality. Plus ink isn’t getting new features any time soon and I love that new things are being added to limelight every week.


LL for sure


I used to be a die hard ink fan and would never read or write a story in limelight and then i read amber rose’s story “one of the girls” and i actually ended up liking limelight :joy:. And then i decided to look at the clothes and features as i was curious next thing i know im on episode 3 of my limelight story :joy:.
Now the favourite day of the week for me is thursday as i get so pumped to see what they will bring us :joy:x


I’m not a die-hard stan for either. I don’t even mind classic tbh (wouldn’t go out of my way to find stories in classic, but a couple of stories I love are in classic haha). Both ink and LL have pros and cons. I’m too lazy to publish anything on Episode but if I did, I would probably use mostly LL just bc it’s still getting updates.

Pros of INK

  • definitely looks cooler; rad aesthetic
  • better outfits for sure
  • most of the canon LGBTQ+ stuff is written in ink so it does have a special place in my heart

Cons of INK

  • limited features
  • every character looks like either a 17 year old Instagram influencer who’s trying to sell you a BS detox tea made out of tree bark and owl turds OR a 40 year old suburban dad who tells the cashier in the checkout lane at the supermarket that the item didn’t scan “so it must be free”

Pros of Limelight

  • more variety / diversity of features & body types
  • assets are always being updated, so you have a larger catalogue to choose from
  • will probably get more reads using LL based on the reasons above

Cons of Limelight

  • a bunch of features are a pixelated mess (send in ur support tickets friends. May or may Not make a difference)
  • clothes are not as cool (they’ve released some cool stuff in the last couple months, don’t @ me)
  • in desperate need of socks. Give my people socks !!!

Anyway, I read in any style if the story appeals to me. If an author writes the same story in 2 styles, I read the INK if it’s completed and the LL if the INK isn’t finished (sometimes stories revamped in LL come out better tho as authors have developed their writing style & directing between the time they published the different versions)


I really prefer limelight I just don’t like the animations from Ink no offence ink lovers


Let’s be honest here most people prefer Limelight because they get Updates every week, more clothing, more hairstyles, diversity, body types



No I am kidding… (Classic gives me the creeps!!)

Both… :joy::rofl::joy::rofl: When I start writing a story, in both styles, I always start writing in INK. And second time in LL… Don’t know why, but it starts to become a ritual for me… :smirk: I think, cause when I start in LL and second time in INK I got bored writing the INK-version… :thinking: Happened to a test-story of mine. :wink::joy::joy:


I actually love classic😂 when ink was released I HATED it, but overtime it grew on me especially with that style having more animations and facial customization features than Classic. When LL was introduced, I actually didn’t mind it. I prefer reading LL stories because of all the different facial features, hairstyles, diversity, and all the amazing animations.
But I definitely appreciate every single style and to me they’re all really special in their own ways. I’ll read any story in any style as long as it’s interesting😊


I’m a huge fan of Limelight, but I also like and write in ink as well. I guess I really don’t have a favorite. But like @hibiscusgravy said, there are pros and cons to both styles. Which ever style you love, all I have to say is go with it!

LL because it has way more option.
Most popular ink stories characters to look the same, with either the crop hair or the little bun/pony tail one. And the girls always have the eyes & lips.

I only read a couple stories in ink, & stories from Kayla Sloans

nah I will forever stan limelight!!! it’s just so pretty and there’s more available now that it’s regularly being updated

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Thank you!:blush:

Limelight, because they have more interactive animations, customization options and the current speech bubble font compliments the characters’ marks and edges. They also look more humane.

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I’m beginning to plan my first episode story, but I’m not sure whether to choose the ink style for my characters, or the new limelight style. I personally like both styles, but I want to know if people have a general preference towards a certain style. I’ve mostly read stories that are in ink, but recently, I’ve been reading limelight stories, so I’m not sure which format I should write my story in.

Which style do you guys prefer - ink or limelight?


I love both, but if I’m writing, then LL because LL has more which allows you to do more




I agree, but I tend to read more LL.


I like ink better but if you want more outfit choices I would do it in ll but I like the ink animations more but again ll has more choices for animations.


I prefer ink, but I think more people read more LL.