Ink or limelight?!?


I’m writimg a story and cannot decide between INk or Limelight?
Which one do you think is best?
I love INKs actions and I love Limelight’s characters


LL! ink is so ugly in my opinion which is why I don’t read many ink stories.


I prefer ink because in my opinion Limelight actions aren’t really full with action. I would still read limelight but prefer ink. Try and decide what YOU think fits better with your story.


Tbh, there are ALOT of people who prefer Ink to LL, however I am not one of those people. I love the realism of LL compared to Ink. I love the clothes and animations and everything. Although I still like Ink and read stories in that style, I think I definitely prefer LL. :slightly_smiling_face:


I really like both, it’s hard for me to decide!


I agree as well, I started my episode journey with INK so it’s alwasy been my favourite


I really love their clothes and stuff too!


Ink i dont read any other style :joy: Im so petty :joy:


Hahaha, INK is great!!


Ink forever!


I suggest you choose whichever style YOU prefer. This question gets asked a lot, and every time, there are people in the comment section saying they won’t even read some stories because of the style it’s in. If you write in LL, some ink fans won’t even click on it, and vice versa. Honestly, these aren’t the kinds of readers I would want for my story. I want a reader that likes my story for the content, not the way the characters look. If a reader isn’t willing to even give my story a chance because they think the style is ugly, then good riddance. Obviously it’s okay to have a preference, but exiting out of a story solely because of the way the characters look seems silly to me. That’s just my opinion. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


I AGREE!! Wow!!


Always Ink




Ink is wonderful lol


Ink, I somehow find Limelight less realistic. Maybe because the actions seem so robotic.

OMG they remind me of sophia the robot


I love Ink better than limelight. Limelight is a bit complicated for me.


I love both. Sometimes I will only read Limelight for a while and then I’ll switch to Ink and read that for a while! But I know this might sound like a lot but you could always do your story in both versions. A good amount of authors are doing that! But honestly pick a style you will enjoy writing in!


For me it’s ink, the characters in ll seem weirdly smoothed. It’s just not as crisp as ink, the designs in general are easier to process for me.


Also limelight lags the fuck out of my phone LMAO