Ink or limelight?!?

Right?? It glitches a ton for me too, there’s this thing where the girl characters don’t have a consistent height so when they sit down and stand up their height gets way out of whack, sucks

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woah that sounds horrible.

I prefer INK but choose whatever style suits your story best. :slight_smile:

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I’ve chosen INK :blush:

Yay! I’ll be sure to read your story then. What’s it about? :slight_smile:

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a short description/blurb if you must is.

You’re Americas most successful music producer, sparks fly when your working with a famous boy band to create their new album.

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Sounds cool. I would totally read that! :slight_smile:

You took the words straight from my mouth.

I wouldn’t want to miss out on an amazing story just because of the style. I agree that there’s nothing wrong with preference and opinion, but players have no idea on the amount of quality and amazing stories they are missing out on just because of the story’s art style. Classic is my favorite, but I like all the styles, and I’ll never turn down a story because of the art style. I don’t hate any style in the first place, and the sheer quality of some people’s writing would be a shame to miss out on. The style is just a platform to tell the story on, a stage of illustration. But the quality and beauty of one’s writing by itself is what does it for me, no matter what style or format they write it in. :slight_smile:

Anyways, with that being said, I think there is no ‘best style’. Personally, I think every style has its pros and cons, and their differences is unique and special, that makes them stand out in their own ways.

So what to choose, then? It’s up to you, @desire.epi.

I also think everyone should choose the style they like, but also consider if it fits their story or not. Some clothing, features, or animations may not be available in one style but it might be in another, so that may something be worth something to consider here. But this is only to some extreme degrees, since you can get creative and make what’s not there with what you have; I think a story can be prepared wonderfully, regardless of the style you choose.

The decision of the style should be that of the author’s, not the readers… No matter what you pick, there’s always going to be someone who won’t read your story whether it be due to the style, or whatever.

But just remember… at the end of the day, there’ll always be someone else who will. :wink: