Ink or Limelight..?

Hey. So I’ve got a new idea for a story but i’m having a really tough time choosing which style to use. Can some of y’all comment down below about which style you prefer when reading.

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For me it’s 100% Limelight :heart:

I think it’s on you to decide which style you want, but for me it’s INK.

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For me I would choose Limelight

I prefer reading INK, but I don’t mind LL. All in all, you should write in whatever style feels best! :slightly_smiling_face:

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1 million percent INK

INK! :sparkles:

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I really like ink

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Limelight all the way for sure. :slightly_smiling_face:

As an Author who has written in both I can say they both have good and bad points. I would go for limelight because There are less stories so you have a better chance of making something really unique :slight_smile:

Ink is definitely a popular style which I wrote my first story in and it is really great but Limelight just has a little something more. I would suggest adding a poll to get a clear idea :slight_smile:


Thanks. I’ll definitely go do that!

Personally, I prefer reading ink, just because I’m still getting used reading in LL
But, as a writer I have been using LL more because of all the different skin tones, hair colors, props, and even the actions are in much better detail than ink

It’s really your decision

Ink definitely

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LL all the way

Limelight. 100%

Ink. In my opinion, it’s superior in ever way.

I think INK characters look better than LL. :face_with_monocle::grin:

Here you go:

  • Ink
  • LL

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My favourite would definitely be ink, but it’s up to you.

Limelight 100%, Ink would hold me down they are way too limited for me #LimelighDaBest