Ink OR Limelight


Hey guys!

I know there are so many threads already over this but I still want to hear feedback about it.

Ink Or Limelight?

Honestly, I think classic is outdated and most authors prefer not to use it anymore (but that’s just MY opinion).

Anyway, with some of limelights animations, I feel like they’re just plain fake.
Plus their faces look unnatural and frankly a bit creepy.

Please post down below, if you prefer INK or LIMELIGHT and list some reasons why.

[POLL] Which do you like better, INK or Limelight?
Limelight vs. Ink

I like INK because all though the animations are limited, I find that the movement is cleaner. I also don’t get creepy vibes from the appearance of INK like I do from the other styles. INK is almost like cartoon (like Phineas and Ferb) style animation whereas LIMELIGHT is just trying to hard to look realistic.



  1. Classic used to creep me out when I first started playing episode (I don’t know why😂) Although It has amazing outfits and hairstyles.

  2. I’m not a big fan of LIMELIGHT because I feel like it was a little rushed… plus it looks wierd to me, and their animations are too fake.

  3. INK is my favorite out of all of them. I honestly love everything about it. Plus, there are tons of things that INK can improve and update on. - which is why I feel LIMELIGHT was a little rushed.


I first downloaded the app when it was CLASSIC only and just couldn’t bring myself to like it enough to read any of the stories.


I never liked classic, I found it looked like if Stephen King ever did a childrens cartoon.

INK used to be my favourite, even after limelight was first released.
HOWEVER after writing in limelight I find it much better. I think at face value it does seem a little strange but after working with the style I’ve noticed how much more complex it is with the animations e.t.c. Ink is much more basic. I do still like INK a lot though.


Thanks for the feedback!

I don’t think my opinion for Limelight will ever change but it’s good to see that other people have a good opinion on it. :smiley:


Ink because you can see the difference of the faces but in limelight you can’t, is so hard customize characters in limelight they look the same!:joy::joy:


Ink. Limelight is kind of…


Weirder than a refrigerator stuck in a ceiling.

Just being brutally honest.


Ink all the way with limelight the eyes and the lack of definition of the faces bothers me.


I like Ink all the way. I’m not a big fan of Limelight because the people have baby faces, and I’ve been used to Ink anyways. I actually like Classic too, it’s pretty neat. Anyways, this is my opinion, don’t judge. :joy:


Also, who agrees that it’s hard to make the characters hot in Limelight? No offense, but I feel like Ink is the only place where you can make the characters actually look pretty. :unamused:


I choose INK!!!


Limelight! I think INK characters look really creepy when they walk.


I was okay with Classic because I played another game by Pocket Gems that used characters that looked exactly like Classic characters. It’s not my favorite, but it’s the OG.

Limelight is okay for me. When limelight first came out I was annoyed by it and wouldn’t read stories in Limelight. Now, I’ve warmed up to it even though a lot of the guy features are scary or ugly to me.

INK is currently my favorite. I just like that the characters are cartoon-y rather than realistic. Even though I despise the old INK clothes it’s still the best style and the one I prefer to use.


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I have to agree with you on that. :grin:


I personally like limelight much more than any other art style, it gives me the realisitc feel. I do read ink stories once in a while but limelight just seems to capture my attention, however as stated above , I do think that limelight characters do all look the same and they do look unnatural. I feel like episode should add real things into limelight characters or any art style character like acne, more face shapes, etc.


I seem to be in the minority here, but I vastly prefer Limelight to Ink. To me, the Ink characters just look kind of funky, and I’ve especially never really liked any of the hairstyles. I like the more realistic look of Limelight. I’ll still read Ink occasionally, but often I click out of a story if it’s not in Limelight, just because it’s my personal preference.




Kinda weird, but I find the exact opposite. I think it’s a lot easier to make good looking characters in LL, while I find INK characters very… unpleasant. Especially the boys.