Ink or LL + chapter lengths?

Hey guys!
I’ve just Started writing my first story in LL and half way through i was debating on re-doing it in the ink style, since there are some animations and features i wanted to include from ink but i just can’t decide which looks better - so i thought i’d ask for your opinions- Do you prefer reading stories in ink or LL? :thinking:
Also, i’ve heard so many different opinions on chapter lengths and i’m really now sure on how long to make my chapters haha. Do you guys prefer longer or shorter chapters? :white_heart:x

well some people do both but its up to you i personslly like ink better but its up to you :slight_smile:

Heyyy girl I haven’t met anyone with my same opinion but I prefer ink…yes LL is getting updated with new animations and more overlays but I just think ink’s art looks better. Most of ink’s animation is more uh fluid in a way, it’s like the char completes the animation and LL’s animations to me aren’t fluid enough. As for chapter length it all depends on the reader ig. I usually just preview my chapters and see if I like the length, because no matter what length you do there’s always going to be ppl who like it and people who hate it. These are just my opinions tho!! :DDD


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Yeah i agree, i don’t know what it is but i don’t really like the way the LL characters walk if that makes sense? Like it’s really slow and i don’t know what it is i just am not a fan. Also my story’s MC is a vampire and i’m not sure if the ink version has the vampire bite mark that LL does but i know it has a lot more animations for vampires than the current version of LL so idk🤷‍♀️
About the chapter lengths that’s such good advice, i’ll do that. thank you so much!!! xx

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Hi! I prefer LL to Ink, it’s my opinion that LL is more realistic than Ink! Gives the reader a better feel of the characters and emotions in LL!
As for chapter lengths, really depends upon the content of the chapter. At times a 1000 line chapter feels longer than a 2000 line chapter! Crazy, right? But I think a 7-12 minute chapter is just fine (roughly 1200-2000 lines without CC). Happy writing!


Yeah i was thinking of eventually doing both if people like my story but yeah, thank you! xx

Yeah, i much prefer the look of the characters in LL, i agree they look so much more realistic. I also prefer the hairstyles and clothes in LL!
Also i know, i’ve read stories where chapters really drag on and are kinda dull and i really don’t want that to be the case with my story haha! but that’s super helpful advice thank you :white_heart:

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I will forever be that girl that can never let go of Ink. xD However, that’s just me personally. You can always do both like other authors do.
I love longer chapters! I’ve gotten comments about how my episodes are too long, both good and bad ones. I always like them to be longer though. I think of them as like actual tv episodes, honestly. :stuck_out_tongue:

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