INK or LL poll for the Thriller Contest!


My friend and are going to be participating in the Thriller contest but we don’t know rather to write in LL or INK. Please take this poll so you can help us and other authors! *The poll will be closing @12:00 a.m. US Central Time. Results will be called if it’s far apart by 7:00 p.m. US Central Time.

To other authors participating, feel free to take the results from the poll for your story!

  • INK all the way!
  • LL 4 life!

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INK has more clothes and animations


I personally love INK but I also like LL. But I was tossed around because they MIGHT Not WILL MIGHT add more outfits to LL


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Exactly! I love Limelight, I’m even writing a story in Limelight, but I think for your benefit, having more customization options is better


Do classic :joy:
It’ll bring some diversity from the start!


Both tbh. But limelight may have more like “thriller” animations if you get what I mean like walk in a scared way and flashlight because it came from PLL


I really like LL for thriller and horror but…
LL tends to be very laggy. I used LL for the Haunted contest last year and I had a LOT of people telling me that the story crashed and they couldn’t even read the first episode. As much as I like LL, I’m worried that using it could affect my reader retention. I’m also entering the contest and I’m stuck lol.


Ink is winning by one vote