INK OR LL? (Story Poll)

Hi so my friend and I are doing a story and we can’t decide which style we should do it in.

Which style do you think is most fitting for a fantasy story?

(And state a VALID reason why if you can)

  • INK
  • LL

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i keep saying LL YOU IDIOT AAAAAAA :cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face:

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Ink is the best


For a fantasy story, I would say ink because the movements and animations are more natural than LL. Sure LL has more but ink honestly does the animation better itself. And if you do fantasy, I think the powers and magical creatures or whatever else fantastical is, would be better used in ink.:slightly_smiling_face:


limelight looks more realistic and gives more options on customisation


I think the art style of INK feels less modern and bright than LL. that would probably suit a fantasy story better.

KILL ME DAD :hugs::hugs:

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I would say ink because right now, ink has more options for overlays involvong arms, more costumes etc.

To me ink looks more like relisic to me and theres something about limelight that confuses me