INK Short Female Hairs


HAIR: Short
I personally don’t really like the short hair that there is for INK females. They all look almost the same and don’t always get the same look as one might like.


Classic Mohawk:

Uneven Bangs:

Shaggy Undercut:


These are all just my opinion, of course. And yes, I’m aware they’re not updating INK anymore. I just don’t know how to delete a post. I don’t think I can, which makes sense. Wouldn’t want people making hateful forums and then deleting them so they don’t get flagged too much.


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I think they said they were no longer updating ink ?


Oh. I didn’t know that.


This is what @Liz said:

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Where would a better place to put this be?


Oh, thank you. I wasn t aware of this.


No problem. :blush: