Ink story cover needed <3

Hiii, I’m in need of an ink story cover (small), if you can help out pls DM on instagram- @epi.nadz

Here are the details

Title: Murderous Weakness
Background: something outside n cute lol
Character details:
SKIN : taupe
BROWS : thick arch athletic
HAIR : short cropped hair // white
EYES : gentle almond // black
FACE : define triangle
NOSE : button
LIPS : uneven//taupe

SKIN : taupe
BROWS : medium angled
HAIR : beach wave hair//blue light
EYES : upturned luxe// black
FACE : oval
NOSE : upturned
LIPS : full round//chestnut

DM if ur free to help out thank u xx

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I can help!
Here’s a link to my shop (Art & Edit Shop 🎨✨)

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okay thank u sm xx

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