Ink Story Cover needed! (READ DSC)

Story cover needed! The price has to be free because im broke lolol, tysm. dm for more deets and information :slight_smile:

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do you still need help

ink or limelight?

OMG im sos i forgot to mention it, but its ink :slight_smile:

Ofc! I need any help i can get :slight_smile:

i could make it for you :)) ive only done one character drawings so far but here’s an example

omgomg im currently crying my eyes out rn!! I love it!! I’ll send how i want it and deets!!

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tysm :smirk: !! and alright :))

Title “Times Up”

Keep in mind that its based on a cooking show.

And you can freestyle :slight_smile:

(Also he’s the MC LI)

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okay ill start on it tomorrow !

sounds great, also tysm!!