Ink story, or limelight story

Okay, So Ever Since I Started making stories i have done limelight, Nothing else… But Limelight has gotten boring but i wanna do INK… Now I Feel like if i do ink nobody will read my story! IDK IDK IDK


i read a lot of INK before, but now I only read/make limelight stories.

if you wanna write just to write, i’d recommend INK.
but if you wanna write to gain reads and rankings, i’d recommend limelight. because people nowadays mostly read limelight.

It may seem like no one is gonna read your story if you write in INK, but a lot of people actually love INK stories and you would still probably get a lot of reads.

Also, even though LL gets more updates, I personally like the INK animations more

K Thanks for the advice , it just i never used INK ever so i wanna see

Thanks, I Don’t Care what ppl say but I Can’t wait to start and thanks for the great Advice!


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