INK Story Recomendations!

Hi! I know that a lot of people in the community prefer INK over LL and however I usually stick to LL stories. But, since most people favour INK I thought I’d give it a try again since I haven’t read an INK story since LL was released lmao. So it’d be great if you could drop a few of your favourite INK stories here! Thanks!


The shaw brothers
Without you
War dogs
Late last night
I despise you
Watch my six
The night we met
The fundamentals of heartache
Until we met again
Us at midnight


Wardogs, Infamous, assasins of blackwood, without you, Amor Loco/ Loco Amor, Revenge daddy, Obviously you, attracted to the nerd, Shielded heart, euphoria, watch my six, waves, Us at midnight, euphoria, The shaw brothers, addicted to you, vampire revenge, lifes a witch, she’s mine, meet the mendozas, elementals, impermanence, the teenage vigilante, heist, moonlight lovers, body tangle, despicables, euphoria, struck, finish line, linked, rivals, lillian, burning desire, the fire inside me, maybe someday, Its just an illusion, skin deep, chain reaction, pull the trigger, whiskey, dating the devil, not interested, a fetish for perfection, my skater lover, consequences, the new girl, the feeling, Mr Alan and summer share


Obligatory DST (dirty sassy teenagers).

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Okay, I’ve a tons but I chose the best ones and mainly the ones that are not on hold (maybe)


  • The girl that time forgot
  • Watch My Six
  • Meet the Mendoza’s
  • The Assassin: Femme fatale (this is pretty old as a story but I truly liked it)
  • Adrenaline (she’s revamping it now so…even better!)
  • Chain Reaction (the full series, this is old as well)


  • Hourglass (one of my last discoveries!!)
  • Mr Alan


  • The Shaw brothers
  • Exosculation 1: sweet sins ( this is complete, sadly the second part of the story is on hold)
  • Without you
  • The Plus One (amazing!!!)
  • Thin blue line (a great BL novel, touching and meaningful)
  • Best Mistake (the first story of the author of The Shaw brothers)


  • War Dogs (this is a must!)
  • Ticket to heaven
  • Dirty Sassy Teenagers
  • Obviously You
  • Have you seen Monday?
  • Infamous (another must by the same author!)
  • The blank page


  • Aliens
  • Cetrinda
  • The strength in me ( an old story as well)


  • Attracted to the nerd
  • The fundamentals of heartache
  • The New Girl
  • Heart over wheels
  • Fall for me
  • My skater lover
  • My Episode lover (this is truly an old but sweet one)


  • The treasure of San Javier (amazing and with a Latino beat!)

I have an ink story called Relentless :slight_smile:

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I have two INK stories, my newest one is The Life of a Vigilante, I will put the details below if you would like to check it out!

Title: The Life of a Vigilante
Author: sharna
Author instagram: @fsharna3
Genre: Action
Style: INK
Episodes: 7 (ongoing)
Description: What happens when you find yourself involved with the vigilante? Will your life finally have meaning?
Full CC, art scenes, choices, INK.

Hi, I just released my new story and its ink with lots of advanced directing and overlays if you would like to check it out:)

Story - Bitter

Author - Meils

Description- Top assassin Reagan Spears is notorious for working alone, but what will happen when he worst enemy is thrown into the mix?

Genre - Drama/Action/Romance

Thank you and let me know if you would be interested:)

Instagram - @meils_episode

I wrote a story called trapped psycho which is an ink mafia and fantasy story and I’d really appreciate it if you could give it a read. I have uploaded 7 episodes but I will complete it.:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: