Ink Story Reviews With a Twist!

Okay. This is going to sound so sketchy, and I apologize in advance.

Anyway, I had an idea. I will proofread the first chapter of your INK story, and then I will give you feedback, but here’s where it gets weird. You can copy and paste the script, in a PM, obviously, and then I will edit your grammar mistakes and some directing errors. If you don’t feel comfortable doing that, it’s absolutely fine, and I completely understand. I wouldn’t do it myself, but maybe I just have trust issues.

Why only Ink?1!?
Because Limelight is u-
Kidding. I’m kidding. Don’t come for me. I don’t hate Limelight, but I’d prefer to read in a style I enjoy.
The honest answer is that I have no experience with Limelight. I’m not personally a fan, so I have never felt the need to use it. Therefore, I’ll definitely be a much bigger help with Ink.

How do I know you won’t steal my script?
Because I’m promising you? No, JK. I can understand why you wouldn’t want to send your hard work to a stranger, which is why I’m giving you the option not to.
Great marketing plan, I know.

If necessary, once I’ve read your story, I can also give you some title or summary suggestions.

Well, that’s it! :wink:


Lol I have a really bad ink story that I did a long time ago.
So if you wanna review that you can, I might revamp it and make a new better one.
But it’s BAD one reviewer said that they didn’t even know what the plot was :rofl:- so don’t sugar coat it if you do the review, it’s bad I know lol.
It’s called Cinderella’s Tale: Twisted Endings
I switched accounts because that account was on my personal email and I made an Episode one that I now use just for Episode, so I don’t have the link but if you search “Cinderella” and scroll down you should see it.
My name on the app then was “IC” so you can use that if you can’t tell lol.
And I had no cover because I was a noob.
Thanks if you do choose to review it!

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I also don’t have other stories because I’m still a noob and I’m currently writing a story.


Haha, okay.

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Hello Lovely!

I would love you to read mine and do ya thing with my script :slight_smile: I would be really appreciated
Thank you

Here`s mine:

Title: Mum Know`s Best

Description: Brainwashed teenager nicola has suffered from years of abuse at the hands of her mother will she be able to find a way out? Contains violence, self harm + CC choices matter tappable choices


Style: Ink

Genre: Drama

Important info :

If you would check out my story it would be great appreciated! I have worked on it for over a year now! Hopefully your love it as much As I do :slight_smile:

There is a lot of triggers in my story, Its a dramatic, Romantic, slight bit of thriller in and a slight bit of horror in as well

One reader quoted the following after reading all chapters “Its a classical version of flowers in the attic” And another: "I don`t have much to say about your story besides is absolutely Beautiful"

Advert to my story

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I’ve actually read the first chapter already! Want to PM me the script so I can edit?

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Yes!, thank you lovely!!! :slight_smile: x

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I would love it if you could review my story!
My story:-AW:Imprinted
My cover:-

About:- In a world were Vampires and Werewolves are in an eternal war, But they have a mutual enemy, The witches. What happens when a wolf imprint’s on one?

I finished the first chapter, you can PM me the script if you’d like.

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I will do it tom!!

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