Ink Story: Script Problem

So, finally working on my first ever started-from-scratch Ink story, and I’m trying to get my character to do the “dance_groove_loop” AT THE SAME TIME the camera shows her outfit.


The code shown doesn’t work. What it does is that the dancing animation gets cut off. It’s almost like the code line is not there.

Can someone, preferably @Dara.Amarie, show me the wae?

Try adding a pause after the zoom

@pause for a beat

Which one?

@zoom on 571 0 to 518% in 0
@pause for a beat
&CHARACTER is does_animation

Didnt work

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@zoom on 571 0 to 518% in 0 THEN CHARACTER is does_animation instead

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Omg LmAo try:

@zoom on 571 0 to 518% in 0 AND CHARACTER is does_animation

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I’m not @Dara.Amarie, but try:

&GWEN is dance_groove_loop
&zoom on 571 287 to 518% in 10
@pause for 10
@/GWEN is blow_kiss

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Yours didnt work

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Oof lmao I give up :triumph::skull:

Neither did yours

Your original code works in my script, so I’m confused as to why it’s not working in your’s. But another way I coded it was:

&GWEN enters from right to spot 0.737 237 189
&ZOELLE is sit_laugh_giggle
@zoom on 571 0 to 518% in 0
&GWEN is dance_groove_loop AND pause for 10 THEN GWEN is blow_kiss
@zoom on 571 287 to 518% in 10

If that doesn’t work, then I’m gonna have to give up hahah

Change the & sign to the @ sign on line 67

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Oh wow! It looked weird in the script but it worked!

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