INK to LL thoughts


Do you all like it when a story has both INK and LL to read it in? I have seen other’s do it and I though about it once I get to like Chapter 12. My story is in INK but just a though…

  • Both INK and LL
  • Just one style

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I’ve always found it kind of pointless to have it in both styles… But the other day I got a fanmail asking me if I would make one of my LL stories in INK and I was so confused for a minute. I think I even replied saying “No way! I think that’s a cheap way to get reads. I prefer to write completely different story lines in INK than what I write in LL”


Understand. I readed a story and I read the INK then about about a month later she come out with the LL of it and I like the LL more the story line fit better with that style. But I just wanted to see what people though about it. I like to write in INK, but I like reading in both styles.


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I prefer ink so if a story originally written in ink just came out in LL, I wouldn’t read it.
I think it’s quite a waste of passes to read a story one more time just to get the other style.
Also, I don’t think you should convert your story into LL just because some of your fans may like it better. I think you should only do it because you wanted to.

And I really agree with this point, too. I find it a cheap way of getting more reads as well.


Thank you for you thoughts on this also!
I agree I if you want to do your story in both then do it for you! I never though of it as people just trying to get reads but both of you made a good point in that so I do see it that way! I do know some people may do it because they just want to have it in both but after both of your comments I see it as more the trying to get more reads now then anything! I think I’ll leave my story alone. I the time of person that is happy with my 37 readers lol I am over joyed and ok with that that’s 37 people that tuck time to read my story. :slight_smile: Just though maybe others would enjoy it in LL but I don’t want people to think its a easy way for me to get reads so I’ll leave it alone and maybe soon start a different story LL for the people that LL more the INK. Thank you guys for your thoughts on this and tilling me what you really thing about this topic, it is what I was hoping for. :heart_eyes::kissing_heart::grin:


I feel if you want to create your story in ink and limelight. I see nothing wrong with that. It does not necessarily mean you are doing it for reads. I have personally started a story in ink and decided to do it in Limelight. When I did it in limelight I was not thinking about the reads. I did it more out or curiosity to see how it will look in limelight. And I always liked ink better than limelight. But now I actually like my limelight version better. Also I started to appreciate more authors who write in limelight since I feel its more complicated than ink. So If you want to make your story in limelight go ahead.Have fun with it. Just my personal feeling


I don’t think all people use it as a way of getting easy reads. If you would really like your story in Limelight, I think you should do it - but I do think you should do it because you want to, not just to please your readers.
I am sure that the people who have already read your ink story gladly will read a new story in LL! <3


See I didn’t know weather I wanted to or not its kind of why i created this thread. Just to gets some thoughts on it. I had seen others do it so I didn’t know! :slight_smile: But I get what your saying do it for me not the readers!:slight_smile:


Yes. I tried back before I was any good at INK to do LL and found out I needed to learn more about writing on here before I stepped into LL. So I started mine in INK but I think I like it in INK and I don’t know if I want to try it in LL or do a different one in LL! I am really going to have to think about weather I want to do it or not. Thank you for sharing this with me! :slight_smile:
I think part of my problem know with if I do go from INK to LL is my story has to twins that are really young and they are in the story a lot and there isn’t really little little kids clothing like in INK that is some of why I don’t know if I will this story and I just don’t know if I want to re-do it or not lol. Just wanting thoughts on it and it means a lot to me that you three have giving really good feed back on this!


Limelight does have limited Clothing and actions. So that is something only you can decide if you want to do or not. I do believe some not all do it for reads. Just as some only do R4R just to get reads. And some ask for reviews just for the reads. But their are a few who do it to try something new out of curiosity. Good luck on what ever you decide. And waiting on chapter 4 of your story to come out :wink:


Thank you. I am working on it right now Chapter 4 is out just got it out the other day! Working on 5 know and hope to have it done soon. Having a little trouble on a scene right know so hopefully soon!


Sorry meant to say chapter 5 read 4 already


Thank you…Hoping to be out soon. I have never used filters before so still trying to get that right. :slight_smile:


I prefer the ink style but if a story is only in LL, it wouldn’t stop me from reading it. Therefore, I find it is not necessary to have it in both styles.


Yes, I do to but I have found some really good LL story’s!


I agree. My main complaint about LL and why I don’t prefer it is the way LL males currently look. I did hear Episode is planning on making some changes on that, so I’m not counting LL out yet.


Yes that is my BIG problem with the males! I don’t like most of the hair styles and the faces shapes are not that good. And you can’t make a nice looking older man at all (I think) they all look so young if you want them to look nice looking!


I prefer Ink in my opinion, but LL has more outfit choices, and although I prefer Ink stories, I have found a few LL stories that I actually like


That’s exactly my complaint. You got it Bethany!