Ink VS Limelight for new story?

hey! i’m working on an upcoming story but having made the first chapter in Ink i’m having second thoughts…
i’ve re-made my 4 main characters (3 of which will most likely be customisable)
the mc, her roommate and 2 possible love interests in both art styles - tell me which one you prefer!


I would say LL if you care more for the diverse look and serious tone but if you care more for animations, Ink would be best. Random question–Is the first girl Asian?? :open_mouth: An Asian Mc or character is a nice touch I’d say.


Wow. Personally, I prefer LL because it’s more realistic and versatile.


ugh that’s where i’m struggling the most! i really love ink animations but there isn’t much diversity at all i feel like most of my characters end up looking so similar.

  • yes the mc was supposed to be asian but again the ink version doesn’t portray that very well i don’t think as those eyes are so overused :cupid:

ty <3

I would say Limelight then if seek to have a better looking portrayal for your characters. And she is really cute in LL, good job. :heart:

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tysm for the advice :cupid:

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Definitely LL, your characters are so beautiful :revolving_hearts:

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ughh tysm!! :cupid:

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i say limelight, don’t get me wrong i love ink. but ll is getting updated quite frequently, and ink just isn’t anymore. also, it looks more realistic if you’re looking for a realistic feel to your story! i was so that’s what i wrote mine in! i hope this helped! :grin:


thanks! <3

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The animations are what lets INK down imo. Loved the Demi stories, but every SINGLE chapter ended on her giggling (over stuff that wasn’t funny?!)

I was sceptical about LL at first, but once I’d tried all those animations there was no going back. I do miss the INK clothes, especially those epic buckled biker boots and all the cute little jackets. It would be so cool if they could put the whole clothing catalogue into LL.

Have you ever used classic? The people frighten me a bit… all the guys look like the kind of ppl my mum warned me about!

Yeh I prefere LL x

if you’re looking for realistic animations INK but if you’re looking for more stuff LL

I prefer LL
ink makes cringe lol

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Ink please

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I like the girls in both styles, but the guys were much better in ink imo.

I had the same problem. I started a story in ink but from what I see LL is more catchy so I recommend LL. Hope it helps!!! <3

Whats your story called? I would love to check it out!