Ink vs ll story

would you rather read a story in ink or limelight, and would u read it even if it didn’t have cc?


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I got Episode because I wanted to read the ink stories (way before limelight came out), but I personally like both. -w-“

However, it’s okay if there is limited/no cc in the story. I will appreciate the story, even without it! :3


I wouldn’t mind that it has no cc, but I personally prefer limelight - no idea why, but so far, I’ve just found one ink story that I really like despite of its style - but that’s just my opinion! :see_no_evil:


Okay, even though half of the stories on episode are ink; I’ll agree with this. The colors for the hair and lips are kinda… odd. :flushed:

Along with the customization, there’s isn’t much options compared to Limelight-

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Sure, the customization part is one thing, but actually, what I personally can’t seem to like is how the characters move. :thinking:

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I honestly don’t really like it when stories don’t have CC. Sometimes it’s okay (especially if the way a character looks lends itself to the story), but if not I’d really prefer limited CC (full CC) is overrated.

I really love both INK and Limelight. Either one is fine. The only problem is INK authors have to work 20x as harder to make 20x better stories than those in Limelight in order to get people to even look at their stories.

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To me, Limelight wins by a landslide
I have never gone halfway through even the first chapter of an ink story. The characters look so awkward and just ugly. Same with the speech bubbles.
And CC doesn’t really matter

LL and not without cc

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