*INK * who wants to be a character in my story?

Hey guys !
I’m struggling with coming up with ideas for background characters or extra characters that only say a few lines and wondered whether any of you guys wanted to be in my story ? :grin:

Hopefully I have put this in the correct place as I didn’t know what it would come under
thanks :blush:

thank you so much! did you want to be a more of a main character or a background character as I have an Idea for you ? :slightly_smiling_face:

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thank you!

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thank you :relaxed:

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Name: Naira

  • Body: Olive,
  • Brow: Seductive Arch,
  • Hair: Fishtail (Black),
  • Eyes: Upturned Bold (Brown),
  • Face: Soft Heart,
  • Nose: Soft Natural,
  • Lips: Classic (Orange Crush)

I’m currently on the second episode but its called Beneath the moonlight :grin:

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its fantasy and about werewolfs. :relaxed:
Skylar and her family move to a small town to make a fresh start but when Skylar meets this boy she falls deeply in love and her life changes forever, but is it for the best?

So basically Skylar (the main character) doesn’t know she is part of the royal blood line for werewolfs and she is a white wolf which makes her extremely powerful, so her blood can heal things ( and keep people young).
so this woman wants her so she can have her blood to keep her young forever . her father died a few months ago (in the part I am at now) so her Mother, sister and her move to this small town to get away from all the memories they have of him and to get to know there grandmother who has taken over the throne intill someone tells skylark that she is the heir to the throne. she goes to this school and along the way she finds her mate and she makes these 2 best friends which are apart of the pack.

there is lots of drama and mystery in it aswell

That is basically how I want it to go :slightly_smiling_face:

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Name: Leslie
Soft Heart Face
Seductive Arch Eyebrows
Upturned Feline Blue eyes
Elven Nose
Classic Scarlet Mouth
Diva Curls Chestnut Hair
Tan Skin

Thanks guys I think I have enough people for this scene I am doing now :relaxed: