InNeed of Cover Art and Overlays


I am in need of cover art and overlays for my very first story and was wondering if anyone could help me. I will give you credit if you want me to and would really appreciate it. ~kait-episode

In need of cover art please help me!

i can


thank you so much do you need anything specific for it?


Message me with the characters (in there poses would be easier but if you send me all the details I can make them myself) Background you want. What you are looking for in the cover and anything else you feel I should know. :slight_smile:


I really need cover art for my story and I don’t care how long it takes I will accept it in however amount of time because good art isn’t rushed and I will also give credit on insta and at the end of the chapter if needed. please help me.


I will love to help you!

But I do have 4 people in front of you, so it will be a wait. (Sorry!) I will take my time on it of course!

My insta is @ms.kate_creates

There are my examples and info about me!


Thank you so much for this I don’t care about the wait I just want a cover with time and effort. Should I send you the details here or in dm?


I could totally make you a cover I just need a lot of info about it. Also a can make other things like Splashes and Covers if needed.

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Dm if possible so I won’t lose it! Instagram would be great too!


Okay thx again. Should I send the details here or on insta?


Uhh… I could make a cover. I’m newer to this, but I think I can do it okay. Dm me here or on insta if you want.
Insta: greek.kitten


Can you make me a splash?