Inner Hope Pt. 2

(Continuing to inner hope pt. 1)
Hey peeps & welcome to Inner-Hope! What is Inner-Hope?:thinking: Well, this is a topic for anybody who is insecure or have low self esteem. I made this because I know how it feels to be insecure, have low self esteem, or just think bad about themselves. Inner-Hope is a movement/group for everyone. We are one big family! If you wanna talk to someone, need to vent, or just wan’t to chat, Inner-Hope is the thread to go!

Now of course, I have some ground rules/guidelines you must follow if you would like to be apart of this group/movement:

1. NO DRAMA - If you bring nothing but drama to this table/thread, don’t be surprised if everyone get’s up & leaves because I surely DO NOT have the time for it. Drama does not just walk into your life, Either you created it, invite it, or associate with it.
2. RESPECT - In order to get RESPECT you need to give RESPECT . You can’t disrespect others and think they are going to RESPECT you. That’s not how life works. It is earned , not given
3. Know your Inner self - ( Not really a rule…lol ) The greatest love is self love. When we work toward our inner self and self worth, that, is the best gift we give to ourselves. It’s like this…The world treats you the way you treat yourself. If you value yourself, the world will value you. Until you do so, no one else will. Likewise, if you don’t give yourself permission to do something great, why would the world assist you? You must allow yourself to be great & do something extraordinary

With that being said, If you would like to join, PM me & I will add your name to the list on this thread. Your more than welcome to talk about anything that’s related to this thread Or, if you feel like it’s too personal, you can Pm me or someone that is an member. It’s your choice. You will not be judged because how can someone judge you if they haven’t walked a mile in your shoes or haven’t seen nothing through those eyes that you were gifted with ? So come join Inner_Hope! :heart::heart:

Members of Inner-Hope:




How are you, Dr. Mya? I miss you!

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Faith! Hey! I missed you too! I’m alright! How about you?

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Ah I’m glad to see the return of this!


A lot has been going on. I’m fine, I guess.

Care to explain what’s been going on?

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Well, I have anxiety… Um, I’m trying to stop cutting, but I’m tempted to, someone made a rape joke, and that brought back horrible memories I try to keep away, I have suicidal thoughts, nothing in life is going right…

Did you start back cutting?

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No. Promised my mom that I wouldn’t.

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Ok. That’s good. It seems like everytime you get depressed, you forget about the things I taught you. Is this true?


… Yes…