Inserting sound? (NOT WORKING)

I want to insert the scary_stab sound so I’ve written:

sound scary_stab
@CHARACTER moves to layer 0 AND CHARACTER walks to spot 1.203 151 45 in 0.5 AND CHARACTER is crowdsurf_excited_loop

but when I try to preview the story, this appears on top of the screen

Can anyone help?

Also, I can’t preview the story on my compuer while that message is shown, but when I play it on the episode app, the sound effects work.

the same exact error was happening to me for months. I even submitted a ticket and they couldn’t fix it. It only just started working after two months randomly. What browser are you using? Try google chrome

try music inside of it

Sorry, what do you mean?

like if sound isn’t working try music

I was using Safari, i just tried google chrome and it worked!

Thank you xx

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