Inside Car Help Needed

im trying to get my characters to

the driver & the guard & in the front seats

and Mia & her best friend Amber in the back seats

i can help. when do u need it by

The front section needs to be an overlay. Have you got someone to cut it out for you?

So OVERLAY needs to be for example, layer 5

The front characters would be on layer 6 and 7

And the back seat passengers at layer 3 and 2



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if the girls are on their way to school and the guard & driver are in the front seats would it make more scene to just show the girls in the back seat rather than showing all four characters?

If you want to show just the back seat, you need a background with just the back seats. Or you can try zoom in on the back characters

like this one?


It’s kind of difficult, but you will need the first two seats to be an overlay.

this picture is hyunday and it as it seem originaly directly from hyunday webpage…so as far as I see it is not free to use - by using this background you might violate the author rights - be sure it is realy leagal to use it …that somebody did already used it is not proof.

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