Inside Plane Background &overlay

Hello again! If you’re looking for backgrounds for close-up inside of a plane, here are the ones I made.

(Unlike the car one I shared, this one won’t have the characters’ heads cut off if the reader is reading on a tablet) No credit necessary!

1 3 2

For the above, here’s the background

here are the overlays

pv1_back_HELI_5629245796319232_cc36c2f1486e80262cb21aaaba59970d pv1_back_HELI1_5931491234873344_cc36c2f1486e80262cb21aaaba59970d

And here’s the coding

INT. HELI - DAY with HELI to 1 118 -103 in zone 1 at layer 1 with HELI1 to 1 138 -84 in zone 2 at layer 2

&cut to zone 1 and CHARACTERB1 spot 1.958 162 -191 in zone 1 at layer 0 and CHARACTERB1 faces left and CHARACTERB1 is idle_sit_neutral_loop and CHARACTERG1 spot 2.182 124 -269 in zone 2 at layer 1 and CHARACTERG1 faces left and CHARACTERG1 is idle_sit_neutral_loop and CHARACTERB2 spot 2.867 192 -765 in zone 3 at layer 0 and CHARACTERB2 faces left and CHARACTERB2 is idle

Here’s the other option


For the above, here’s the background

Here is the overlay


And here is the coding

INT. PLANE - DAY with PLANE to 1.000 0 0 in zone 1 at layer 2

&cut to zone 1 and CHARACTERG2 spot 1.840 249 -310 in zone 1 at layer 0 and CHARACTERG2 faces left and CHARACTERG2 is idle and CHARACTERB3 spot 1.900 80 -310 in zone 1 at layer 1 and CHARACTERB3 faces right and CHARACTERB3 is idle


Okay, this is amazing. :heart_eyes:

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The first one I used as a helicopter inside.

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why not create one thread, about these, instead of having a lot. Like a script template thread. Only if u want to though. :wink: Keep up the good work! :sunglasses:

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Embarrassed to say, but I don’t know how to start a thread yet! It’s my first time posting anything!

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Ohhh, it’s okay. :sunglasses:

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bookmarking this !

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While I’m at it, how do I start a thread?

the same way how u start this one. this is a thread right now.

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Ah, so just keep adding images to the existing thread. Got it!

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I have made one thread this time. Thanks for the suggestion. Now how do I get rid of these two threads.

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Who do I credit for these backgrounds?

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