Inside Stable Background needed

Hello I’m looking for someone that has some stable background. Not like the one episode has I to be able to put my character and the horse inside the stable and put an overlay as the door. I would be willing to pay if anyone thinks they could do this type of commission. If it looks like it could fit into the epidote background even better.


Hi, @ amepisode has some in her free drive, although if it’s not what you’re looking for I can recommend some amazing artists who might be able to help you with a commissioned background!

Let me know if you’re able to decipher my ridiculously simplified sketches and if that is what you mean, I can definitely help. Since I don’t have any examples at the moment that I can share, what I can do is make the background and then post a watermarked version here. Then if you like it, you can get it removed. I don’t mind the practice so it works for me either way. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I do have general art you can check out on my ig @faintest_one though. I can also do my best to approximate the episode background’s color scheme, etc.

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Here’s the progress so far, not at all sure if you’re still interested, but it’s been good practice! I was gonna wait until I finished to show it, but wanted to see if you were interested still. It’s far from done.