Insignificant (story idea/new story?)

This story idea may be triggering for some viewers/ this story will include self harm. It will include the option the skip that scene if it includes it. There will also be a warning before each chapter. Insignificant revolves around Navy, a young woman who is struggling. She is about 24 years old. This story also has flashbacks with Navy going up from the ages of 13-24. Pierce her love interest meets her when she’s between the ages of 18 to 19 I still have to decide some of theses details. Insignificant:2017, that’s when I saw him, he barely acknowledged me; I was invisible to him. Never to be in his world. One day, he helped me. He saw me. Years later it’s Taboo. Please let me know what your thoughts are, and what would make you more interested in this story. Thank you!

I also made a cover along with the story. (This would also be an art scene and the bruises have nothing to do with self harm or abuse.)
Please give me feedback on what you think of everything, and if I should or shouldn’t start this story. It also would be amazing if I had some tips on how I should handle certain subjects in this story, and many to come. Anyway Thank you guys so much! (I also had a story idea very similar to this, but this story is different surrounding the plot that I have changed.)
The Genre of this story is Drama.


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