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Hello! I know that we probably have so many writers on here who are simply amazing at it, and, seem to always have inspiration. I am not so lucky. I often get bored when writing, and, can’t seem to get back to it.

How do you get through writing a whole novel, or a whole story? How do you gain the inspiration to do it, or do you just write, without having inspiration?


Is it online? If so that would be great!
(I’m assuming it’s online…)

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i like to watch videos on youtube. spically ones there give information. i recomand matthew santoro.

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I can say that I get uninspired so many times while writing. I’ve left at least 5 stories (that weren’t published yet) just because they weren’t fun to write/create. For writing, I just keep a plan and and try to stick to it. I make sure I really love the genre that I’m creating a story for. I gain inspiration by looking at writing excerpts from google images and music. I 100% recommend writing with inspiration first, because then your story will seem more exciting to write. I hope this helped :yellow_heart:

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That would be absolutely amazing! Thank you! I’m a very amatuer writer in general, and definitely on here. I have finished stories, but only short ones. So, thank you so much for this! I’d definitely like to be tagged in it! :blush:

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I already have the music part down, but I’ll try to look at images for inspiration! Thanks! :hugs:

For me, what really helps is making an outline. Then when I write it doesn’t feel as daunting since I have a plan of where the plot’s headed. And if I get stuck on a boring or hard part, I force my way through it by telling myself it doesn’t have to be great yet since I can edit it later.

I think another thing that keeps me inspired is how much I want to show off my characters. The work is worth it for my fictional children. :grin:


I just find a song I like and listen to it and it boosts my imagination. I imagine some stories that entertain me and take inspiration from those, or just imagine the story I’m writing.


Hi! I’m a professional writer, and I’ve been studying it for uh…around 18 years? I’d like to give more detailed advice, but I should be going to bed, so here are some quick tips:

One. I’m gonna have to disagree with what seems to be the majority here. WRITE WHEN YOU ARE UNINSPIRED. Because you will never always be inspired. Make sure you pick a project you like and have inspiration for, yes, definitely, but don’t sit down and write only when you feel inspired. You will end up writing only once in a blue moon. This is one of the first tips top writers give. Writers write. Don’t wait around for inspiration or nothing will ever be done. And you can forget about completing a deadline!

This tip, really, is about setting a schedule to write, and sticking to that schedule. What works best for me won’t be what works best for you, but generally the idea is to set a goal and then DO. NOT. STOP. WRITING. until you meet that goal. Sometimes what come out will be terrible nonsense. Sometimes what comes out will be absolutely brilliant. You never know.

Set your own schedule. My friend Jill sets an hourly goal per month, because she has chronic illnesses and that works best for her. I prefer to set word count goals per day, because it’s way too easy to just sit there and stare at a blank page for an hour and then move on to something else. So, for example, my low goal is 500 words per day. If I have a lot of time, it’s 2000. Practice and see works best for you, but if you take writing seriously at all, definitely set some form of schedule, and stick to it. It’s hard at first, but eventually your brain will be trained to produce writing every day, inspiration or no.

Two. I recommend an outline, whole-heartedly. A detailed one. A lot of people pants it, but those are also the people who get stuck, or stop writing when they inevitably get bored (because every writer gets bored at some point). With a detailed outline you always know what comes next. If inspiration comes and you feel the need to deviate, go for it, but adjust your outline as needed. With a good plan, getting bored won’t matter. You will be able to continue your story until it’s fun again.

Three. Another good thing about an outline is that it means you can skip around. If you get bored with a scene, you can always skip ahead and write something that interests you, and then go back and fill in the blanks. I personally can’t write like this, but plenty of writers do. It’s all about finding a style that is comfortable for you.

To summarize:

  1. Set a writing schedule or daily goal of some kind, and stick to it; inspiration is fickle, don’t depend on it.

  2. Have a detailed outline so you don’t stall out.

  3. If you get bored, skip to a scene that interests you more.

Hopefully I’ll be back to add more.

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No one’s telling you to write in one go. Keep going, slowly but surely. First drafts (assuming it’s not an episode story) are always messy. They are supposed to be imperfect but your goal is to complete your novel’s first draft.

You can fix parts that you don’t like once you have finished the novel.

I don’t think anyone can actually write without having inspiration. Sometimes, I get reallybored of my novel. Just as right now, I am at chapter 11 and now I don’t want to write it anymore because I am bored. So I am taking time off from the story, listening to songs (because that’s where most of the inspiration comes from) and reading books and all.

When I am not writing, I am reading. Because you can’t write unless you read. (That’s my own opinion. Might not be right.)

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