Inspiration is running low

I don’t know about many of you. I’ve seen plenty of nice plot lines in Episode, but lately, my ideas for my story has dried up. LITERALLY. I need to find a way to get some water.

My idea for my story is that A girl named Aurora is a Princess in a kingdom called Westwood, and the kingdom’s people have been divided into 3 types of people. Angels, Devils, and Innocents. Angels and Devils have been battling for some time, the Devils want revenge for killing their leader. And Aurora’s goal is to actually to resolve the issue lurking around for ages and find out the truth, but always get manipulated by someone.

It was her 18th Birthday around that time. So she was also betrothed to a King name Alistair.

Years ago, Her Father is chosen during the Choosing ceremony as a Devil, and her mother was an innocent. She was beyond furious and kicked him out of the palace.

The story starts when they are in the choosing ceremony (they get chosen by a test) for royals. Once they get chosen, they must serve their people. So her mom basically serves innocents and her father serves devils.

The episode ends when they were about to find her results.

I was planning to make her an Angel-Devil, so she’s the bridge to both types of people, and that gives her the authority to actually resolve the issue.

I’m not sure what should happen in between though. I was planning to make the innocents “Not who they seem to be” basically, spies for an enemy Kingdom, her mother being the mastermind behind all this. That is the big plot twist, but I’m not sure what small plot twists should be in between.

Can anyone help me??? That’ll be greatly appreciated.


there are many ways to resolve this issue and tbh I’ve had it many times before. just take a little break and think about where you want to lead the story or how you want the characters to be presented. for e.g. if you want the first impression of the mother to be evil then try your best to make it look like that.

you can even try listening to songs that you think might have a link with your story


Thank you :slight_smile:


Take a break and let it come to you. Forget you need inspo and just do your daily routines and it will come to you.


That’s actually a great idea! I always worry so much about inspiration it pressures me to think, about I never realised that not thinking about it is actually I great idea to think about inspiration.

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put yourself into her position and then it’ll come to you, also just relax! Anyways it sounds amazing, it’s one I can’t wait to read!

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