Inspire Me And My New Story


I need inspiration so, role play with these characters (you can make up their personality as you go along)

Bethany (murderer)
Mrs. Blake (parents)
Mr. Blake (parents)
Oakley (dies in the middle)
Oscar (little child)
Grayson (evil boyfriend of Olivia)
Mr Matthews
Mrs Matthews

Good luck? I suppose


Lol… No description of anything?


No, just go with the flow


But try to aim in the angle of Oakley’s death


I’ll be Ophelia :wink:


What is it about? Their personalities, The story… Etc


IDC. I need inspiration for all that stuff so I trust you to make a good one.

EDIT: You start




@OPHELIA is eat_cupcake

IDK, I’ve never done one of these before TBH


I’ve never done a role play before either, and I understand that while you’re just trying to get some inspiration to write something, you need to give some kind of guideline for the plot. (or at least introduce the characters.)


Sure. It’s spring and the gang (Luke, Olivia, Liam, Ophelia, Bethany, Oakley and Cameron) are all going out at their favourite restaurant Mr. Smith’s. Little do they know, assassins have come to kill Oakley (Oakley is soon-to-be king of Navelledya) and Olivia gets shot instead


We went out to a restaurant during spring. Haha. They think I’m on their side now. It’s just too bad… That someone has to die… I smiled a little while thinking to myself.
Orp: Like this?




Ophelia: Hey! They have astellias. It’s my favourtie fruit. Can we get some?


Huh? Hearing Ophelia’s voice snapped me back to reality. "Oh yeah… Sure! "


Ophelia: I thought you didn’t like astellias, they were to sweet for you


"Nah… I’m not eating them… You can eat those. "


Oakley: Can someone get us a rogsin pie?



Luke: I’ll do it!

Luke exits, then returns a few moments later with a freshly baked rogsin pie.

Luke: Let’s feast!


Olivia: I’ll pay, this one’s on me.
Olivia gets up to go to the counter when the lights turn off suddenly