Insta group chat for Epi-memes, questions, and advice?

Honestly I just want friends and memes.

No but really, I’ve wanted to start a group chat for any authors, directors, or artists that work on Episode. We can share memes (because of course), and I think it’ll be easier to ask each other questions than search for hours through forums for a possible answer (like I do now can I get a RIP in the chat.)

my insta is jiagrace_official
Put yours down below if you want to join me!
(Uh I don’t know if anyone will be interested but if we reach like…15 people I might cut it off…I dunno I’m not popular.)


I would like to join. In my profile is my link to my insta. @hannas.episode on Insta. It would be cool if we create together memes😃

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I wanna join!! My insta is @mya.writes2019

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I would like to join too!

My insta is @reylon.episode

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I added all y’all :clap:t3::clap:t3:

can i join ?! i’m @sunshine.epii :crazy_face::black_heart:

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omg PLEASE ADD ME!! @zapcatini.episode (beware i’m always active and i’m really annoying sometimes lmfao) (i also swear 24/7)

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