Instagram Accounts for backgrounds edits

I’m actually searching for people on instagram that makes overlays or backgrounds edits like alexa_episode and smg.episode so if you know any Instagram account that may help me comment it and I’ll check it out.

Thanks for the Help!

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Moved to Resources section! :v:t2:

christy_lovepisode, j miley, pamelac
fantasy backgrounds from @LanaAugustine : LanaAugustine

:v:t4: hope I helped


Thank you very much helped me alot :heart:

Here is a thread with some more.


I checked both your post & @nemimutt and wanted to thank you both it helped me alot

Really thank you :heart:

Hey, I share backgrounds and overlays on my IG. It’s @amepisode so the same as my user name here :joy: just go to the linktree in my bio x


Checked it :blush: You got yourself a new follower :joy: and amazing backgrounds edits :heart:

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Oh thank you so much :heart_eyes:

Thank you!

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Thanks for mentioning me!

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Thanks all for your suggestions I appreciate it And the accounts have Amazing edits :heart:

@episode.uwe has mainly overlays, but backgrounds as well.
This is kinda self-promo, but there’s my drive of backgrounds and overlays as well. Not too many, though

No problem…I’ll check it out now and I appreciate your help :heart:

If some of you want some covers and splashes come to my thread.
Cheshirekitten’s art thread