Instagram Accounts



Hey Lovelies!
I would love to follow everybody including underrated writers.
who actually want to support each other with our stories.
and just motivate to write!
& of course, form new friendships!:purple_heart:
so comment your Instagram usernames below! :kissing_heart:
My Instagram is SilhouetteJStories.:slight_smile:ļø:cupid:

Need an instagram buddy
What are your Instagram names?

Hi silhouettej

I m mystery and new forum member
and this is my insta account :point_right: mysterious_m.e :point_left:




k.w.episode is my insta.




@stories_of_jane :smiley:


I have only just make my instagram but here it is :slight_smile:



Mine is long lol
(scar is deadactive . episode _ bye for the translation)


Okay, so I kind of forgot my account so I had to make another one: @aohebe_saphey




Hey~ Iā€™m Scarlet, the one who just replied your comment on ma post, sr again :sweat:


love the name, and followed you! x


followed you lovely! xx


followed you! xx


followed you lovely! xx


beautiful feed, followed you! xx


followed you! xx


wow amazing feed though, followed you! xx


followed you! xx


followed you lovely!xx