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I know there are many people here that also have Instagram (some of whom are artists, editors, etc.) :kissing: One good thing about Instagram is that you can use Hashtags to get your work noticed more. These can be general Hashtags like #episodeart or Hashtags that a certain creator uses to feature others (which is what this about).

Since you can get some exposure through some of those creator Hashtags, I thought it’d be good to create some kind of list here to show you which creator Hashtags you could use and who they belong to :cowboy_hat_face:

I’ll try to split the Hashtags and accounts into groups if I can. One list of artist Hashtags that specifically do episode art, one creator hashtag list from non-episode artists, and Hashtags from accounts that do both kinds of art. (if I’m not sure, I’ll probably just put it in the 3rd category.)

This is obviously where you all come in as well, because I’m not some guru that just knows every artist Hashtag to exist. I have some that I can start this with, but as time goes on, the list should grow as people share Hashtags of creators they know about :relaxed: (you can promote your own too)

It’s best if you know the creator behind the Hashtag and what kind of art they do so I can categorize them, but if you don’t, I can have a look; if I can’t come up with anything then maybe I’ll just create a 4th category with creator tags where the creator/origin is unclear. (Likewise, if I make a mistake, like I put them in the wrong category because I didn’t know they also do a lot of non episode art, for example, then make sure to correct me so I can put them in the right category) :yum:

Anyway, that’s about it! Hope this helps :crazy_face:

#noticemealexander https://tinyurl.com/r4vw5de
#noticemenatalieepi https://tinyurl.com/yx3er47m
#lookepyjas https://tinyurl.com/rvkvjqs
#noticemeabi https://tinyurl.com/yx3fl3ml
#noticemerainboy https://tinyurl.com/srufhlc
#noticemellamacat https://tinyurl.com/tbo7pvn
#VanneWeekly https://tinyurl.com/wahaymq
#noticemesunkiss https://tinyurl.com/vd38zar
#jadesfeatures https://tinyurl.com/yxyc7d3h
#noticemeliyah #liyahlovesart https://tinyurl.com/vewxuob
#notmcepisode https://tinyurl.com/sglgl6a
#noticemenells https://tinyurl.com/vynh9cp
#noticemechichi https://tinyurl.com/wsw9h2u
#lookatmexmagic #epyxmagic https://tinyurl.com/vj3szf4
#noticemedemon https://tinyurl.com/qlvyak9
#lavonelove https://tinyurl.com/w6an4pz
#noticemeamanda https://tinyurl.com/w6gx7yo
#noticemedanaviolet https://tinyurl.com/vrvjayv
#noticemerushy https://tinyurl.com/udaggv2
#noticemehoep https://tinyurl.com/u44m75e
#noticemedaddybukki (Currently gone/deactivated)


VERSATILE ARTISTS’ HASHTAGS (AKA both episode and non-episode)
#noticemesaphy https://tinyurl.com/vovbyb9
#noticemecelestial https://tinyurl.com/se55exk
#laulovesart https://tinyurl.com/uynwhkr
#noticemeblanche https://tinyurl.com/uhyvohu
#noticemelara17 https://tinyurl.com/rskdpkh
#cecelovesart https://tinyurl.com/vavqy4f
#noticemejax https://tinyurl.com/rkwa4xp
#noticemequeenie https://bit.ly/34QISCr
#noticemeepyylexi https://tinyurl.com/uafh6bt
#noticemeellaepy https://tinyurl.com/rquck3w
#christyclovesart https://tinyurl.com/v9fypkh
#noticemebriar https://tinyurl.com/sh3lagn
#noticemend https://tinyurl.com/r5owggu
#noticemeturtle https://tinyurl.com/r5xzevn



Thank you for this :yay:

I’d like to add the hashtag for epyxmagic

#lookatmexmagic <— our hashtag for art ^^




Here are some episode ones I used to use Or know of. I’ll edit this with more LmaooOo coz ik a ton :fairy:t3:‍♀

#lavonelove https://instagram.com/melissalavone.writes?igshid=qx8c6hmca6k5

#noticethecommunity this was basically made by I forgot who so people can recognize the amazing edits

#noticemedaddybukki she lowkey deactivated but okay-

#noticemeamanda https://instagram.com/episode_amanda?igshid=1j1q6ufrihm4u

#noticemedemon https://instagram.com/demon.artt?igshid=1i6lrj65b40l

#noticemellamacat https://instagram.com/episode.4.cats?igshid=1ri7du4l1mq3i

#noticemedanaviolet https://instagram.com/danavstories?igshid=ozkvsxpn8eby

#noticemerushy https://instagram.com/epy.janette?igshid=w6n8nu2g9bud

#noticemejax https://instagram.com/jaxhaunter.epi?igshid=up32vri26y62

#jadesfeatures https://instagram.com/jadesstories.episode?igshid=6ayyko3b68s4

#noticemenells https://instagram.com/nelly._tf?igshid=1op7m6giod8ip

Both episode and non episode work:

#christylovesart https://instagram.com/christy.c16?igshid=1r4txzd9kkhkt


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I’m an Episode artist that has a hashtag! I have a hashtag #noticemesunkiss for my account @epy.sunkiss and I try to do a #noticemesunkiss post on my story every once in a while. :blush:

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Instagram: aaliyah.creates - #noticemeliyah & #liyahlovesart

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