Instagram Chat Here?

Who wants to start a ig group chat send your @. My Instagram is @lucylu_writes




i don’t have insta :sob::sob:

i have snap tho :smirk:

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mine’s @heart.creates

It’s okay :smirk:

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do u have snap??

YASS meee
Insta: @Courtana.epii

Yes but I’m using my laptop cause my phone got destroyed.

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oof do u remember ur username?? i can friend u

No :disappointed_relieved:


well when u get a new phone or use an ipad or whatever, my username is ebaoh (pls don’t ask why i mae the account when i was like 10 and idk what went thru my brain)

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@andee.epsd :two_hearts:

Will do :sob:

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YESS me too pls :heart:
add me pls - I follow anyone back :partying_face:


@rebecca_epi_writes :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@olivialexrose :white_heart:

My insta is… sassy_kitty99

@episode._.alicia :dizzy: