Instagram deleted my Episode account

I am so confused. I made an Instagram for my episode account, uploaded a picture, didn’t post anything and after a few days I got a message Instagram deleted my account for violating the terms of use


that’s just instagram being instagram :clown_face:


I’ve seen some weird shit and I’m like “this is allowed?” But mine gets deleted


That’s so weird.

Violating terms of use, and were u violating? Anyway, just make a new one, unless your account was hacked, idk.

I didn’t do anything with it except my profile picture, I created it for my story I’m writing. It’s just weird it happened and I’m not sure why

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Yeah, probably hacked or something. So, create a new one.

You should try to check to make sure there’s no suspicious activity on your account. One time, I got an email from them about a log in from Malaysia, so I quickly changed my password.

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