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Instagram: episode.kryounts
Episode Profile: Katie Younts
Story Title: Mixed


Instagram: freakish._.trash
Episode profile: Oli Deshae
Story: Freakish

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Instagram: miss_u_lewis.episode
Episode Profile: Ualma Lewis
Story: They Broke My Heart
My Power Struggle
My Holiday From Hell

Instagram @haneen.episode
Episode: Haneen
Story: Unexpected You

Instagram: a.mepisode
Episode: A.M
Story: don’t got none but my friend has a story called I feel it coming and I mean like aren’t you just intruiged by the title? You should be go read it now child

Instagram @jaylen.dwight
Episode: Jaylen Dwight

Hi Katie and everyone! Here is mine. :grin:

Instagram: @OhHeyTherese
Episode Profile: @DCDarling
Author Name: Therese
Story Titles:

  1. H&V: To the Edge of the Galaxy
  2. Love Across Time

Instagram @episodegold__
Episode: Diane Writer
Story: I am currently writing one

Welcome to follow me :heart:
Instagram account: episode_jones
Instagram Page: epy_universe
Instagram Page: universe_reviewers
Episode App: Cora Mae Jones

My stories:
- The Choice She Made (Limelight)
- H & V: Above And Below (Ink)

I do read 4 reads so feel free to dm me.
Instagram: ki_writesepisode
Episode Profile: Ki_Writes
Story Title: H&V: Our Story
Story Title: Satan’s Daughter
I’m also part of a group that does covers, edits and reviews. Check out epysaurs and request one!

Instagram: @episode.fierytenderness
Episode Profile: FieryTenderness
Story Title: “H & V: Fake Friend”
Story Title: “Love or Desire”

My instagram is jaylen_dwight

Episode profile: princesa
Instagram: @episode.princesa
Story: Cherry Bomb!

Episode Profile: Lilywokeuplikethis
Instagram: chavontheauthor
Story Title:

  • Mr. Anti Smile
  • Beyond The Gloves

Instagram: hx.episode
Episode Profile: hxxd
Story Title: Mr Bad Boy and Mrs Bad Girl

Hello all! Check out my instagram


And my story “The Ex (New and Improved)”
Author: shanferg

I also do story reviews!

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Currently working on a story now.

Instagram: epiclaire
Mobile Name: Claire M.